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Percy and Annabeth - Forced
    Annabeth forced herself not to look back, not to stop and think and wonder over what could have been. Because she knew if she did, she would crumble. 
    Annabeth forced herself not to think of the way his arm's had fit so perfectly on her waist, how he would bury his face in her neck and inhale deeply, and when he was questioned, he would simply smile and say she smelled like home.
    Annabeth forced herself not to think of the way his sea-glass green eye's flashed when he laughed at something she had said, even as she scowled back at him, because he knew she wasn't really mad, just a little frustrated.
    Annabeth forced herself not to think of the way he would brush back a stray strand of hair and smile gently at her before he kissed her, slowly and softly, as if she was made of fragile glass. He was one of the only people who knew she wasn't all poker-faced all the time.
:iconteatimeandme:TeaTimeAndMe 10 5
Percy and Annabeth - Love/Hate
    Really, their love was unique in a way that could only work with them...more like a love/hate relationship, really, if you happened to ask Annabeth. For example...
1) She loved his sea-green eyes; She hated how she was so easily lost in them.
2) She loved his thick, jet-black hair; She hated how she sometimes had the undeniable urge to run her hands through it.
3) She loved his lips (and if you ever told him, by gods, she would kill you. Preferably with a poison tipped dagger); She hates how all the other girls seemed to, too ( even the anti-aphrodite ones ).
4) She loved his un-wavering courage; She hated how it got him in sticky (and most likely fatal) situations.
5) She loved his sense of humor; She hated how he always had a witty remark at hand when she lashed out with a snappy comment.
6) She loved how clueless he was sometimes; She hated how he didn't do anything when another girl flirted with him, because he had no idea she was.
7) She loved his quirky liking
:iconteatimeandme:TeaTimeAndMe 29 11
Percy and Annabeth - Body Language
    Percy knew how Annabeth worked even before they started dating. It had happened naturally; he had began to notice little things about Annabeth that hinted at how she was feeling, what she was needed to be fixed.. And in return, Percy began to supply that need, in any way he could. For example...
1) When she lowered her head slightly and refused to meet his eyes, he knew she was going to cry. And he would be there to kiss the tears away.
2) When she tugged that little curl behind her left ear, he knew she was over-thinking something. And he would be there to distract her, make her laugh, even if it meant making Athena even more displeased with his antics ( Gods, a little respect please? Maybe some gratitude? I could've just left you're godly butt to the mercy of Kronos...).
3) When she bit her lip and looked away, he knew she was nervous. And he was there to make that feeling go away ( of course, there would be some teasing involved to, but only if Percy was up to get
:iconteatimeandme:TeaTimeAndMe 33 11
All my newest art :)


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As GiveMeABreakPeople said, the Cheshire Cat was a very confident and cocky figure, and your portrayal of him makes her seem shy, and a...



Yeah, so...I'm still alive!!! In case any of you guys were wondering where the little midget went... XD But seriously guys, I feel so bad, 'cause I have no time EVER to come on here, and when I do, it's for little spurts of a time, like a week, and then I'm gone again for a few months >.<
   And I feel so bad about that, 'cause 1) I've met some great people I love to talk to, or just shoot a comment at here , but I'm basically never here anymore, so I feel like I'm neglecting all you great people!! 2) I have sooo much stuff is love to put up, but no scanner and no computer equals bad phone pics, and I don't want to post them all ugly-ish ( not like they aren't exactly that, but I can have at least have a shot at making them at least a little artsy! ), and 3) I'm never here to look at any of your art! So many of watchers/friends put up art and journal entries, but I can't ever look at them 'cause I'm NEVER OOONNN D':
  And so!! I have decided to set aside a couple hours a couple days of the week to at least browse DA, 'cause I don't want to be one of those people who disappears into the dark abyss of work and school and track and h/w, and you know what, let's just throw in life in general.
   And I know some of y'all are like, 'yepp, that plan isn't going to last more then a week,' or, ' Suure, see you in a couple months!,' or even, 'I don't really care either way, you're on now, it's nice to hear from you!' ( and you can see why that one was last, 'cause it's very unlikely and probably to much to hope for XD ). But!! Ye of little faith, I shall prevail!! So, here's to a hopefully (!) more active DA future!!

And P.S. Happy Easter you guys!! Who else is drowning in the lovely fatness of chocolate? I am! I am! :D
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I enjoy reading and writing, and am fond of photography. I love to make new friends and talk, so don't be afraid to say hi ^^

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